Is it too young for my child to join the Seedling Program? Can they complete their work independently?

Young kids are at this stage of curiosity where we feel is important to let them reach a visual understanding of objects around us despite their age . We teach them to draw while being able to recognising shapes and forms to their subject matters. Our lessons also help train them in building their motor skills (eg, correct pencil grip, painting within the shapes). Works will be closely guided for younger kids. At times, demonstrations on the kids work will be need to help them understand better. Teachers will set the pace and teaching method according to the students individual ability/needs.


For Digital program, do we need to bring our own Ipad?

Ipads will be provided in class, once the student have completed their artwork we will send the final softcopy file to parents and students will get to bring home a printed hardcopy as well. Student can also choose to work on their own devices, we just need to make sure their devices is workable with a stylus pen and they have downloaded the app within. Apps we use to teach are Procreate and Autodesk Sketchbook.


My older kids have previous art experience, can they be enrolled directly into the Developmental Program?

They are able to do the Developmental trial, and the teacher is able feedback to you about your child’s skill, as Developmental Art requires a higher degree of observational drawing and independence. If needed your child can enrol into our Foundational Art for at least 2 modules first.


What courses should I pick?

It really depends on individual students and parent (areas in which your child is more interested in). The following are simple breakdowns of our regular program to help you better understand:

Seedling Program (aged 2.5-4) trains them in having a strong visual understanding of shapes and objects around. Headstart Program (aged 5-6) has a more thematic approach with a theme in each lessons. Focusing on the principles of designs when composing their artwork as well as painting skills. Foundational Program (aged 7-9) tackles more wet medium works while getting them started in building strong observational skills. Fundamental Drawing (aged 5-12) is like foundational program but more towards dry mediums like pen rendering, colour pencils, pencil shading, etc. Creative Program (aged 5-10) focus more on material and art making processes with an explorational based teaching approach. Digital Program (aged 8-16) is similar to our foundational program but done digitally, students will learn to paint digitally as well as to understand stylistic approach in creating illustrations.