“At Artgrain, we believe in providing quality art education for all students to gain mastery in art making, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists & art lovers.”

We passionately believe aesthetic experiences and enjoyment of the arts is an integral part of a rich and fulfilling life. Our mission is to cultivate this sensitivity and the ability to create art and to enjoy art to all children and adults.

An art education is essential and necessary as the process in art is unique and enlarges the capacity of each individual very differently from other discipline.

Learning through ‘Seeing’

At Artgrain, we recognise the uniqueness in each child and the worldview that they have. We cherish their ideas and thoughts.  Our art educators will guide the child to complete each task and to challenge them to try new things.

We believe in demonstrating the skills of art-making to our students so that they can truly grasp the learning process. Developing the keenness and ability to observe and to visually articulate these observations is also one of our emphases in the learning of art.

Our module is designed so that learning art is enjoyable and accessible to all; we adopt a smaller teacher-to-students ratio in order to meet the needs of every child.