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Artgrain Online Art Gallery provides an online for our students to showcase their work amongst their peers. Works from students as young as three years old, up to secondary students are hung and displayed on the virtual white walls of the gallery, visitors are able to walk around and zoom into the artworks that they’re interested in.

This Artgrain Online Art Gallery was created to celebrate and acknowledge works done by our students in their Online Classes, where they were able to adapt to new technologies and ways of learning. Our students created wonderful works independently, following our capable teacher’s detailed instruction and demonstrations. The works in the gallery are chosen based on the artwork photos available, and curated based on themes, we hope to display all of our student’s works by holding more online exhibitions in the future.

At the very core we would like for this to be a chance for our students to feel pride in the work they’ve done, to learn from and appreciate artwork created by their peers and to strive to create better and more interesting works along their artistic journey!



Gallery:  Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch Parkway Branch / Tampines Branch