Online Art Programme (For Children Age 8 to 18)

Our programmes are currently available online via Zoom.

How is the class conducted 

Program Fees (Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $350 (Foundation/Fundamental Drawing/Creative), $400 (Sec 1 – 2), $480 (Sec 3 – 4), $690 (A-Level)

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $100

Annual Material Fee: $50

Artgrain Journal Book: $12

Duration of each lesson: 1hr 15min (8-12 years old), 2 hours (Sec 1 – 2), 2 hours 30 minutes (Sec 3 – 4, A-Level)

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $35 (8-12 years old), $40 (Sec 1 – 2), $45 (Sec 3 – 4, A-Level)


Online Art class schedule at Artgrain
(not restricted by branch, subject to availability)
Here’s the classes available at different days and times. Please contact our child’s teacher, or your branch, to find out more!

Artgrain Management,

Terms and conditions for online classes with Artgrain

For our online class, there will be an additional set of terms and conditions, in addition to the existing terms and conditions for our classes.

1. Online lessons will only be available for students age 8 and above.

2. Parents are responsible for ensuring that there is a strong internet connection and adequate working space for their child.

3. If the child needs assistance with accessing the class, parents are responsible for helping their child to set up devices and log in to the class.

4. For any missed lessons, students can arrange for 1 make-up class on the same week only, subject to time slot availability.

5. Class schedule may be subject to changes in timeslot or changes in teacher at the school’s discretion.

6. All students attending exclusively online will be required to purchase a basic art pack available at the school’s website from July onwards.

7. All online lessons will be same fees as physical class, as all Artgrain online lessons are live-streaming and involve the same amount of attention from the teacher.

8. This clause details the intellectual property rights of all staff and students of Artgrain Pte Ltd:

– Artgrain holds the copyright to the original course materials shared during online lessons & workshops

– Students and parents are obliged to respect copyright and all lesson resources are for each student’s own use only. They may not reproduce, or allow others to reproduce, adapt, distribute, upload or make available for sale, or share publicly in any way the lesson resources, without written consent from copyright owner (Artgrain Pte Ltd)

9. All other terms and conditions signed with Artgrain Pte Ltd continue to apply.

By signing up for online class or your child/ward you have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions.