How long is the Portfolio Programme?

The Portfolio Programme is a 2.5 year course for kids aged 10-12, if your child joins during late P5/P6, they will need to attend extra lessons (eg. 3hrs twice a week) to be able to finish their portfolio of required 10 works.


How long does it take to complete 1 artwork?

1 full body of artwork includes the final outcome, explorational studies, as well as the brainstorming process. This takes the students 1 module.


I am unable to commit to 4hrs/weekly minimum, are there any alternatives?

No, students will need ample time to train and complete their portfolio up to the DSA Portfolio standards. As this route is certainly competitive, students will need to attend at least 4hr/week sessions in order to fully prepare and train them for the needed areas.


My child does not want to DSA, looking to do for AEP instead.

The requirements of our Portfolio Programme applies to AEP as well, the requirements are similar hence your child will still need to attend 4hrs/week classes along with the additional Portfolio Workshops.


My child does not want to DSA, looking to do for Leisure instead, can they come in for once a week lesson?

Kindly note Artgrain will not be accountable for say midway your child decides to try out the DSA route. Due to a shorter timeframe, there will not be enough time to complete the full set of Portfolio and equipped with the necessary skills in dealing with auditions and Interviews. We will recommend considering our Developmental Art Programme instead. All PPC lessons are 4hrs/week.


Is the PPC workshops compulsory? My child is unable to come for regular classes, but would like to attend the PPC Workshops instead, is it possible?

Our PPC workshops comes hand in hand with our regular classes, in a way whatever is being taught during the workshops is related and will be followed up during the students’ regular classes as well. It will thus be difficult for your child to catch up with the progress, without the necessary extra trainings.


Why are all the PPC workshops located at Thomson?

It is important for all our Portfolio students to experience an environment simulating the auditions, in a group setting. All PPC holiday workshops and Visual Art Task training are conducted at the Thomson studio which is big enough to accommodate all students.


Can PPC workshops classes be makeup for if absent?

Unfortunately there will not be any makeup/replacement classes if your child is not able to attend. You can however check in with your child’s teacher on whats he/she have missed and complete the assigned tasks as homework in order to catch up the progress. Our holiday workshops tends to falls on the first 2 weeks.