We fully understand the concerns that many parents and students have regarding the COVID-19 developments.

Since the previous circuit-breaker, all Artgrain studios have enforced the recommended safe management measures to ensure student safety in accordance to MOH guidelines (link to MOH guidelines) namely:

  1. Disinfection of classroom surfaces and tools after each class
  2. 1-metre distancing with an acrylic divider between students
  3. Mandatory mask wearing at all times
  4. Safe entry and temperature taking
  5. No intermingling between different classes and groups 
  6. Availability of online lessons as a viable alternative

In accordance to MOE’s advisory for all enrichment classes and centre-based tuition centres to move activities online till June 13 or further notice all Artgrain regular classes will be moved online via Zoom livestreaming with effect from 19 May (Wednesday) 2021 to 13 June 2021 (Sunday). There will be no changes to the lesson days and timings of the classes.

All students 5 years old and older will be provided with online lessons. For ages 5 and 6, parents can accompany the child to help them follow along with the lesson. For students aged 2.5, 3 and 4 years old, or students with special needs or medical conditions, your child’s teacher will contact you to make arrangements for classes during this period.

All Artgrain lessons will be conducted via livestreaming on Zoom, in a similar format to the circuit breaker last year. These are some helpful measures you can put in place to facilitate the art lessons:

  1. Setting up an Art Corner

A small, designated space should be set up for students to comfortably take and participate in their online art lessons, with an electronic device and art materials on hand.

  1. Logging in on Zoom

To ensure ease of attendance taking and identification, kindly ensure that the Zoom account is renamed to the student’s name during each art class. The Zoom link for the art classes will be provided by your child’s art teacher.

If you are unsure of what to expect or how we at Artgrain conduct our online art lessons, feel free to check out this article (https://artgrain.com.sg/artgrain_whatson/whats-an-online-class-at-artgrain-like/) about what an online class at Artgrain is like.

Should you face any technical difficulties before and during the online classes (like being unable to log in, being dropped due to unstable internet connection), do not worry. Parents will be given the contact numbers of the art teachers in charge of their students and should any technical difficulties arise, please do not hesitate to contact the art teacher directly.

For the first two weeks of online classes (19 May 2021- 2 June 2021), there will be no additional art materials required, as all students will be focusing on drawing hence only sketchbooks, pencils and erasers will be needed.

We are currently in the midst of preparing Artgrain Essential Art Kits which will contain the necessary art materials and tools for online art lessons after the first 2 weeks. More details on how to order and purchase these kits will be made available soon so please stay tuned for our updates.

There will be no transfer or refund of fees, in accordance with our updated terms and conditions. (https://artgrain.com.sg/artgrain_whatson/update-to-class-terms-conditions/)

Artgrain has a very flexible rescheduling policy. If your child is unable to attend their scheduled classes, they may reschedule up to two on-site or online replacement classes that have to be completed within the fee cycle. Failure to turn up for the replacement class will mean a forfeit of the replacement class and changing of the rescheduled lesson date is not permitted.

Although we do understand that missing classes due to medical reasons or unforeseen circumstances are commonplace and not the wish of parents, please understand that the studio operates based on your reservations. The necessary art materials, teaching and resources have already been specially prepared for each individual student and cannot be readily transferred to other students.

This concept is similar to the booking of a hotel reservation. In the case of no-show, the entire hotel stay will still be charged, as hotel-goers will understand that all resources reserved for them (hotel room, complimentary meals etc) are considered to be consumed, are unable to be transferred to others and cannot be refunded. 

Please drop us an email or Whatsapp message with the lesson date that your child is unable to attend and the date you would like to have the replacement lesson on. Kindly note that any replacement class has to be made two operational days in advance, excluding Tuesday which is the rest day for all Artgrain studios. Please wait for confirmation from the branch after submitting your rescheduling request.