The 18th JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest – Competition Update


Competition Updates
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Thank you for your participation in the recent The 18th JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest!


During this lesson, students learned how to compose a poster using imagery and text to convey a message of the beautiful Earth.

Since 1999, Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and International Certification Organization Network (IQNet) have been hosting the International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest for children aged 7 to 15 years old from around the world, supported by UNICEF Tokyo Office.

Full of imagination and artistic sensitivity, children drew pictures about nature and animals, their families and the surrounding area. The pictures also contain the message towards global environment, beyond borders and difference in their background cultures and languages.

We hope that this contest provides the children an opportunity to think about the global environment, by expressing their inspiration from nature’s bounty. At the same time, we believe that the efforts to protecting the global environment will be further encouraged through the appreciation of such children’s drawings.

Winners Announcement

Winning pieces will be showcased on on the Contest webpage.
Results will be up in August 2017.

48 winners will receive special memorabilia. All entrants will receive a participation prize.
You may visit the JQA International Environment Website for more information.

Best wishes to all our participating students for the brilliant artworks created for The 18th JQA International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest!

(Left) Dawn Ng – We share our beautiful earth by sharing our land with other wildlife such as land animals and animals that live in the water.

(Right) Elodie Guillet – I wanted to draw the ocean with trash because people have been throwing trash in the ocean and some sea animals have been eating the trash, which will harm them.

(Left) Zander Ho – I love animal and dinosaurs. I even want to protect them and fight wildlife crime. I want to be a zookeeper when I grow up.

(Right) Asher Lim – I love animals. I want to protect them from harm.

(Left) Shayne Tang – My painting is about keeping the world clean. Recycle, reuse, reduce

(Right) Claudia Tan – I painted this because I want to show the earth is safe for animals and people to live in harmony. Day and night is separated into 2 parts to show the different activities on earth.

Joanne Sim – The sea is one of the most beautiful place to go, that is why I place it in a glass bottle. The meaning of this artwork is for everyone to know that we should treasure and protect the animals and corals found in the sea, it is like keeping our favourite possessions.

Artgrain will continue to encourage all students to participant in the upcoming competition.

Current Competition for Primary and Secondary Students:

To take part, please inform the teachers.

We hope to see more meaningful and impactful art works coming along.

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