Digital Drawing Classes (For Children Age 7 to 16)

Digital Drawing Classes are now open for registration.

To register, you may fill up the registration form and terms/condition form and book your time slot with payment down at our studio during our opening hours (Thomson / Bukit Timah / Parkway).


About Digital Art

Digital art today is a realm that is just as widespread and culturally influential as the traditional arts. Its applications can be seen everywhere, from advertisements, illustrations, cartoons and animation, to graphic design, communications design and architecture. At Artgrain, we aim to give interested students a headstart on entering this technological world with our Digital Drawing Specialization Programme. 

How is the class carried out

Rather than using a pencil, paint and paper, our Digital students use the latest software on our Apple devices to create their works. There’s a whole new world to discover including tablet and pen usage, different kinds of digital brushes, keyboard shortcuts, layers, special effects, and many more! 

Digital Drawing Class

What do students learn?

While the tools that they use may differ, we want to make sure that we are equipping our digital arts students with strong artistic foundations, just like our traditional arts students. Our students are introduced to the building blocks of art; they learn drawing, painting, how to see colours and tones, blending, and much more. The digital medium provides great flexibility and infinite possibilities in the application of these skills.


Programme Modules 

The first module of the programme introduces students to the software and tools, as well as the elements of art that they will be using in their work. Students From there on, other modules will explore areas such as digital painting with blending to achieve realism, and various styles of art. 

Digital Drawing Class

The benefits of a Digital Art Course

Learning digital art can give students a headstart if they wish to pursue art in the future. Digital working processes are important for almost every area of art and design, starting from the secondary school level, all the way up to the highest career level where architects, animators, designers and other professionals use cutting edge software to create and share their projects. Our digital art course gives students the technological and software literacy to advance quickly in these areas, while training their fundamental artistic skills. 



All our classes including our preschool classes are drop off class, non-accompanied by parents.

Most of our classes are mixed age groups classes, children are given personal guidance with their learning.


Program Fees (Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $410

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $100

Annual Material Fee: $50


Duration of each lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $45

Schedule: Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch / Parkway Branch / Tampines Branch