Preschool & Primary school Zoom Sharing Session 2022

Hello parents,

As we move on towards the end of year 2022, we are delightful to see all our students learning growth. Thank you for entrusting your child artistic journey with us at Artgrain 🙂


Beginning of a new term, some students will be moved up to their respective programmes depending on their age group. (Feel free to reach out to your child’s teacher for more clarifications on the progression)

There will be a Zoom teacher sharing session for the Preschool & Primary school (Aged 3-10) programmes — Seedling Art (SA), Headstart Art (HS), Creative Programme (CP), Fundamental Art (SKT), Foundation Art (FA) & Developmental Art (DA). The sharing will cover programmes objectives, how these objectives are being taught in class, our current students work and a short FAQ session.


This zoom session will be on Thursday, 17 November 2022
Two sessions:
Session 1 – 7.45pm-8.10pm (SA, HS, CP — Preschool)
Session 2 – 8.15pm-8.45pm (FA, DA, Fundamental Drawing — Primary)


All current/new/interested students and parents are welcomed to attend.
For parents who are interested in attending this Zoom sessions, kindly RSVP via WhatsApp or Email to receive the Zoom login details.


Artgrain Teachers