Feb 2021 Special Art Project: Slay Clay House

Dear Parents,

We are excited to share with you our upcoming Special Project. All students in our Children’s Art programme (Seedling, Headstart, Foundational, and Developmental) will get to participate from February 15-February 28!

Learning Objectives

  • Learning to roll and cut shapes from clay slabs
  • Learning to join leather-hard clay to create strong structures
  • Using 3D forms and colours to design a building

Note: The project is made of clay, and therefore it will be fragile. We advise bringing a box or bag on the second week to carry the artwork home, and to not treat the artwork like a toy for playing with, no matter how cute it is! Artgrain will not be able to fix any artworks that break after they are brought home.

See you soon! We can’t wait to share with you the results of the project.


Artgrain Teachers