Back to Physical Class: Safety Measures undertaken

Dear Parents,

It has been extremely delightful to see everyone coming back to physical class over the weekend! 

Our safety measures are all in place to ensure the safety of our students:

  1. 1 meter safe distancing between seats
  2. Acrylic dividers placed on each table to create separation between students
  3. Disinfecting of premises, brushes and aprons between classes
  4. Students are encouraged to bring their own old t-shirt or apron to wear in class
  5. Mandatory wearing of masks or face shields (for students aged 12 or younger) for all teachers, students, parents & visitors
  6. SafeEntry required for all visitors and students
  7. Health declaration for all visitors and students. Please assist us when we contact you to fill it out.


Going forward, we will continue to ensure the safety upkeep of the studios and we seek parents’ continued cooperation and support in ensuring all our students can continue to have their art classes safely and happily.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Artgrain Trs and Management