Artgrain Online Art Gallery 2021

Dear Parents,

Our new 2021 instalment of Artgrain Online Art Gallery has been published! We are happy to showcase more of our student’s artworks created during our online classes from 14th May – 21st June 2021. Our students took this chance to refine their drawing skills, adapting to the online teaching environment and becoming more active learners!

We are very proud of our students who continue to push themselves and do their best works even outside of our studio. Here are their works, spanning from our Seedling students (3 – 4 yrs old) to our Upper Secondary Students (13 – 16 yrs old), creating works in different mediums and interesting new processes of art-making.

The student’s work are curated from the photographs received by our teachers, which are then digitised and displayed in this virtual gallery. Students and parents alike are able to virtually move around and about the gallery, and zoom into their fellow peer’s artworks.

We will continue to present new instalments of our Artgrain Online Art Exhibition to give all of our students a chance to participate, so do keep an eye out! 

In the meantime, click to view and experience the beautiful works our students created across our different branches, have fun!


Artgrain Thomson

Artgrain Bukit Timah 

Artgrain Parkway

Artgrain Tampinese


Through this Online Art Exhibition we hope that our students build a sense of confidence and ownership of their artwork, by appreciating and learning from their fellow students. We hope that this provides an important experience to progress them further in their art journey.

See you in our next Exhibition series!

Teacher Meng Hua
Head, Artgrain