Secondary Art (Age 13 to 16)

Our Secondary Art programme aims to provide a comprehensive training that complements, and goes beyond the art curriculum in school. Whether you are looking to take art as an interest or as a GCE ‘O’ Level Art subject, our Secondary Art Programme caters to all students aged 13 to 16 with different learning objectives and background. It is essential that students acquire the understanding of the art-making process. With passion and tenacity, skills and the knowledge that they have acquired, they can eventually strive towards having the independence, freedom and ability to create art in their own interest and time.

As learning progresses, there is greater emphasis on the development of ideas into works of art. Art-making no longer limits to creating just a single product, but more importantly, the means of overseeing the whole process of creation takes centre-stage. Learning art as a subject or discipline takes a more autonomous and investigative approach.

In this programme, we will teach students firstly the foundational skills in drawing and painting. The ability to articulate observation of shapes, forms, tones and other visual information is a sign of development. Thematic art, where creations are derived from the exploration and development of an idea or theme, will inculcate in our students the skills of gathering images, visual research and how to assimilate them in their work. They will also be learning about the application of various dry and wet media. Students will be creating works based on the various art expressions & styles. Different media & processes will also be introduced in their lessons. Each module will progressively cover different subject matter, movements, and themes in art.

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Journals will be used for:

• Recording of concepts, ideas and thoughts as part of collating knowledge in art

• Material and compositional experimentation for the understanding and application of techniques and ideas

• Sketching and drawing for the development of observational skills

• Building up a personal portfolio

All students in the Clay and Drawing Programme are required to purchase our Artgrain journal for $12 at our studio for their weekly lessons.


(Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $480 (Sec 1-2)  ,  $550 (Sec 3-4)  ,  $700 (A-Level)

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $100

Annual Material Fee: $50

Artgrain Journal Book: $12


Duration of each lesson: 2 hours (Sec 1-2)  ,  2 hours 30 minutes (Sec 3-4)  ,  3 hours (A-Level)

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $48 (Sec 1-2)  ,  $55 (Sec 3-4, A-Level)

Schedule: Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch Parkway Branch /Tampines Branch