Foundational Art (Age 7 to 12)

Our Foundational Art (FA) Programme is one of the most highly subscribed programmes at Artgrain. Through the practice of art making processes such as drawing, painting and sculpturing, this programme introduces primary school-aged children to the building blocks of art, including shape, tone, colour and composition. Students progress through a series of themes, ranging from still life to landscapes, animals and more. In the process, they develop their observational skills and control of the medium while learning a wide variety of art styles.

This programme is conducted in modules, one individual module consists of 10 sessions. Each module is planned in a structured manner to build up knowledge and skills in art making. An important part of the module is to build up each child’s ability to venture and to try new things and ideas in their sketchbook.


Introduction to acrylic painting & basic fundamentals of Art

Module 1 aims to jumpstart students on how to use observational skills to identify shapes, colours and tonal variations. Lesson 1. 3 Tones aims to show that artworks involved more than just one colours but comprises of different shades and gradients. We first introduce the student to the topic and illustrate a scale from light to dark to articulate how light and setting casts different shades of grey through tones and shadings. The student learns to comprehend how light is casted to form different shades of grey for the shadow. They can then communicate the tones and shades needed to create a work that has form and shape. (Artwork by Xin Ci, 8 yrs old, Tampines Branch)


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Exploration of different artistic styles 

In Lesson 3.5, students get to try out dot painting, which is used in both Aboriginal art and Impressionist art. They will learn to use dots to add colour, texture and details to painting. Students will learn to use dots of different colours to add shadows, highlights and contrasting warm colours to create an image. (Artwork by Jensen Lim, 9yrs old, Parkway Branch)

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Fundamental drawing basics

In this module, students are exposed to fundamental drawings where they learn how to draw observationally of various subject matters. Students will learn about the important factors in drawing such as scale, details and form. They will also develop sensitivity in line quality, the use of both thick and thin lines and be exposed to compositional skills and the idea of balance and scale. (Artwork by Kingsley Chow, 10 years old, Thomson Branch) 


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In-depth knowledge of art movement through artist study 

In Lesson 9.2, students are being introduced to Neo-Impressionism with artist Georges Lemmen as the artist study. Using the dominant technique of Pointillist and Divisionist from the beginning of the Neo-Impressionist movement, students learn how to create their self-portrait using these techniques of placing dots or patches of colours to achieve the optical illusion of colours mixing.  Artwork by (Left) Jayden John Leow (9yrs old, Bukit Timah Branch), (Right) Amir Hadi (9yrs old, Bukit Timah Branch)


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Journals will be used for:

• Recording of concepts, ideas and thoughts as part of collating knowledge in art

• Material and compositional experimentation for the understanding and application of techniques and ideas

• Sketching and drawing for the development of observational skills

• Building up a personal portfolio



(Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $390

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $117 (1.5hrs) | $144 (2hrs)

Artgrain Journal Book: $12

Annual Material Fee: $50


Duration of each lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes ($390) or 2 hours ($480)

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $39


High Support Classes:

($480 per module / 1hr30mins) or ($580 per module / 2hrs)

* The slight difference in pricing for our high-support classes is reflective of the additional planning and personalized attention that go into creating a positive and supportive environment for your child’s artistic journey. To provide the best possible experience, our high support classes slots also maintain a lower student-to-teacher ratio. (Kindly approach our teachers for further clarifications.)


Schedule: Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch Parkway Branch / Tampines Branch / Woodlands Branch