Foundational Art (For Children Age 7 to 12)

Our Foundational Art Programme

Foundational lessons acts as early building blocks that collectively enhance the child’s artistic ability. We encourage each child to try new and alternative ways of experimenting with their ideas. Our art programme focuses on drawing and painting, as well as mixed media and 3-dimensional work component.

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This programme is conducted in modules, one individual module consists of 10 sessions. Each module is planned in a structured manner to build up knowledge and skills in art making. An important part of the module is to build up each child’s ability to venture and to try new things and ideas in their sketchbook.

Children are imaginative, curious and fun loving. They are eager to learn and test new things and ideas. Every few months, an Art History Lesson which introduces artists from different periods and keywords in describing and understanding artwork is added into the curriculum.

Journals will be used for:

• Recording of concepts, ideas and thoughts as part of collating knowledge in art

• Material and compositional experimentation for the understanding and application of techniques and ideas

• Sketching and drawing for the development of observational skills

• Building up a personal portfolio

All students in the Headstart Art, Foundational Art, Developmental Art, Sketching Class, Clay Class and Secondary Art Programmes are required to purchase our Artgrain journal for $12 at our studio for their weekly lessons.


Program Fees (Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $350

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $100

Annual Material Fee: $50

Artgrain Journal Book: $12


Duration of each lesson: 1 hour 15 minutes

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $35

Schedule: Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch Parkway Branch / Tampines Branch