Developmental Art (Age 10 to 12)

The Developmental Art modules follow after the Foundational modules are completed.

As our Primary School aged-students get older and develop more experience with art and better control of their tools, they graduate from our Foundational Art (FA) Programme to Developmental Art (DA) Programme. While our FA Programme focuses mostly on painting, the DA Programme offers students more in-depth training in a variety of mediums, with a focus on achieving a realistic style. As students already have a foundation in art, they are well-prepared to hone their understanding of line, colour, tone and composition to a more rigorous level.

This programme explores art at a more comprehensive level, exploring drawing as a visualisation tool. Students will also explore alternative styles in painting and influence from various art movements such as surrealism, expressionism and modern art. This programme aims to develop their illustration skills, understanding art as a narrative and exploring geometric expressions in art.


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Journals will be used for:

• Recording of concepts, ideas and thoughts as part of collating knowledge in art

• Material and compositional experimentation for the understanding and application of techniques and ideas

• Sketching and drawing for the development of observational skills

• Building up a personal portfolio



(Each Module = 10 weekly lessons):

Module Fee: $390

Registration Fee: $25

Deposit: $117 (1.5hrs) | $144 (2hrs)

Artgrain Journal Book: $12

Annual Material Fee: $50


Duration of each lesson: 1 hour 30 minutes ($390) or 2 hours ($480)

Trial Lesson (one lesson): $39


High Support Classes:

($480 per module / 1hr30mins) or ($580 per module / 2hrs)

* The slight difference in pricing for our high-support classes is reflective of the additional planning and personalized attention that go into creating a positive and supportive environment for your child’s artistic journey. To provide the best possible experience, our high support classes slots also maintain a lower student-to-teacher ratio. (Kindly approach our teachers for further clarifications.)


Schedule: Thomson Branch / Bukit Timah Branch Parkway Branch / Tampines Branch / Woodlands Branch