Bukit Timah

BT 1

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Bukit Timah Plaza #02-11, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit S(588996) 

How to get there:
Nearest Bus Stop
Bus 52,61,66,67,75,157,170,171,173,174,184,852,961


Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 1pm to 9pm (Except Tuesday)
Sat & Sun: 8am to 6pm
Closed on Tuesday and Gazetted Public Holidays


(+65) 6465 4566

(+65) 9232 3197


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Artgrain @ Bukit Timah Plaza

Dear Artgrainers,

Book your make up classes.
Do arrange for your child’s make-up class at least one week in advance, as make-up class is subject to availability.

There will be no rescheduling of arranged make-up classes when a child fails to turn up and attendance will be counted.

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The Team @ Bukit Timah Plaza

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Ms Josephine Chan

Ms Josephine Chan is thankful that in 2012 she was given opportunities from curators to exhibit her art works in Huddersfield as well as in London, where her ideas could be shared to many. She is constantly on the ball to explore different art mediums to express her ideas. The art environment is where her creativity could be fully expressed. Vice versa it is also this environment that never fails to broaden her imagination, ideas, and knowledge.

Medium: Visual Graphic, Illustration, Fine Art Photography

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Ms Tan Cheng Ju

Ms Tan Cheng Ju (CJ) graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Arts from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2014. She is mostly inspired by textile installation works. Her art practice touches on social issues based on her past and present experience. She is very fond of using found objects as her main material to recreate wearable art piece that reflects on locality issues as she find it meaningful that those found objects are created for a purpose. Currently, in her art practice she is still rather experimental and she enjoys a bit of spontaneity and fun in her works.

Medium: 3D Sculpture, Installation

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Ms Goh Hong

Ms Goh Hong graduated from the National University of Singapore, School of Design and Environment, with a Bachelors of Arts (Industrial Design) with Honours. She believes art is important in life, enabling us to look through different perspectives, training our sensitivity and ability to think outside the box. She finds children more imaginative than most adults, and hope to encourage their self-discovery and cultivate joy through the learning of art.
Presently in her art practice, she specializes in drawing, creating highly-realistic works which explore and capture specific characteristics of or a story behind a subject, be it a person, animal, or an object. She also enjoys photography, as it allows her to capture precious moments in time, as well as digital art.

Medium: Design, Drawing

Tr Goh info
Ms Vicky

Ms Vicky’s works are majority narratives that express personal stories, experiences and fictions. She is interested in how humans react to their own surroundings especially those who live in Singapore and how places impacted them. She also takes interest in stories that people share with her as well. Her living environment – urban spaces –  are her constant source of ideations and inspirations.

Medium: Drawing, Painting

Hui Yi
Ms Yunita

Ms Yunita Rebekah graduated in 2019 from University of Central Lancanshire, United Kingdom, in Bachelor (Hons) of Fine Art Practice, and has received a Diploma in Fine Art from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore. She has shown in Langgeng Art Space, Jogjakarta, Your Mother Gallery, Singapore, National Gallery Singapore, Ngee Ann Kongsi Gallery, and other establishments. She believes that art making teaches important and valuable skills for the everyday life of the developing child or adult.

Medium: Acrylic and Oil Painting

Ms Jia Hui

As a practitioner and an enthusiast of art, I believe that the act of creation will always be rewarding and educational, it encourages us to be inventive, imaginative and creative. Let’s not forget that art is all around us! Jia Hui is a Fine Arts Degree Graduate from LASALLE College of The Arts. She enjoys painting, drawing and occasionally printmaking in her free time.

Medium: Painting, Drawing

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Ms Ma Win Sandi Kyaw

Ms Sandi graduated from the Nottingham Trent University with a Bachelors of Arts (Fashion Design) with Honours. She enjoys working with fabric manipulation and textiles. She also likes experimenting with different mediums as well. According to Sandi, engaging with the arts is crucial for us since it is a form of communicating such as ideas and personal thoughts. Through years of teaching, she loves giving her students of all ages the chance to develop their creativity and mentoring them on their artistic path. She believes in the importance of art education in a child’s development and how it impacts wellbeing. She believes in lifelong learning and encourages active learning to students.

Medium: Textile, Drawing, Painting

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