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Parents’ Handbook 2024


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Artgrain New Fees 2024



Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead in 2024. We are constantly evaluating our programmes and teaching to make sure that our students are receiving the best art education. We are expanding our curriculums to incorporate new components that would complement and strengthen the lessons we teach every week.


1. Change in Lesson Duration: To further support your child’s artistic growth, and accommodate the expansion of our curriculums, we have extended our Children’s Art classes duration from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. We believe that this adjustment will be more beneficial for their progress over time. For specialised classes, Portfolio classes, Secondary Art and Adult classes, the hours will remain the same.


2. Change in Class Schedule: Due to the change in lesson duration, we will be adjusting our schedule accordingly. You can review these schedule changes here: (Class Schedules). We will assign your child to the timing closest to their current one. Do inform us by 1st December 2023 if you’d like to arrange for a different time slot.


3. High-Support Classes: We want to make sure our teachers and classrooms have the capacity to meet each student’s learning needs. As such we have identified time slots in our schedule for students with Special Education needs where they can receive closer guidance.


4. Change in Deposit: Starting from the next module, we will be transitioning from a fixed $100 deposit to a deposit equivalent to 3 weeks of lessons. This adjustment allows us to better accommodate your needs. Upon withdrawal, the deposit will instead be used for 3 extra lessons (total of 13 weeks for the last module). This flexible approach ensures that your child’s art journey remains seamless.


5. Change in Fees: Due to the change in durations, there will hence be a slight modifications to our fees structure. Kindly find the detailed information on the fees changes here: (Artgrain Fees 2024)


6. Updated Terms and Conditions: Lastly, do help us agree to our updated classroom terms and conditions by 24th Dec, end of our current module.

These changes will be in effect starting the new module in the week of 25th December 2023 onwards, by agreeing and continuing the programme you have indicated your agreement for the updated terms and conditions. (Kindly approach your child’s teacher for the forms, thank you!)


To better understand these changes and how they will impact your child’s art education, please take a moment to read through the details in our 2024 Handbook here: (2024 Parents’ Handbook).

We are committed to providing the best possible environment for your child’s artistic journey and appreciate your continued trust in our studio. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for being part of our art studio community. We look forward to another year of creativity and growth!


Warm regards,
Artgrain Studio