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Our Programmes

Pre-School Program
Seedling Art
(Aged 2.5-4)

Our Seedling Art program is tailored to fine-tune their finer motor skills through drawing and painting. To explore and learn drawing different shapes, lines, colour mixing and marks making using paints and oil pastels. Allowing them to reach a visual understanding of objects in their surroundings with our step-by-step teaching process.

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Pre-School Program
Headstart Art
(Aged 5-6)

Our Headstart Art Program acts as a bridge between Seedling & Foundational Program, which is composed of thematic lessons through the understanding of Design Principles. This program encourages children to be more conscious of the world we live in, to create meaning and stories out of their artwork.

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 1 01 21 PM
Preschool / Primary Program
Creative Program
(Aged 5-10)

Our Creative Program is centered on exploration and experimentation, exposes students to different mediums, techniques, and processes to jumpstart their creative journey. Students learns to look and create art differently, from art movements and artist inspirations. Learn art in an unorthodox manner to be self-directed and independent thinkers.

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Preschool / Primary Program
Fundamental Drawing
(Aged 5-12)

In this program, students get to learn how to use their observational skills to draw realism as well as to create artworks from imagination. In the later stages they will get to learn how to orchestrate the perfect dynamic and visually pleasing composition with stylisation and illustration. Using dry mediums such as graphite, pen, colour pencils, etc.

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 5 37 11 PM
Primary School Program
Foundational Art
(Aged 7-9)

Our Foundational Art Program is one of the most highly subscribed programmes at Artgrain. Through the practice of art making processes, students are introduced to the building blocks of art - shape, tone, colour and composition. In the process, they develop their observational skills and control of the medium while learning a wide variety of art styles.

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 2 06 26 PM
Primary School Program
Portfolio Preparatory Course
(Aged 10-12)

Our Portfolio Preparatory Course guides students in preparing a body of works that they can take ownership in and call their own. Aims to showcase students’ acute observational skills, their proficiency in technical drawing and painting, their ability to find inspiration from their experiences, things around them or societal issues and turn their inspirations into compositions.

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Primary school Program
Developmental Art
(Aged 10-12)

The Developmental Art modules follow after the Foundational modules are completed. Explores art at a more comprehensive level and drawing as a visualisation tool, as well as alternative styles in painting and influence from various art movements such as surrealism, expressionism and modern art. Our Developmental program aims to develop their illustration skills, understanding art as a narrative and exploring geometric expressions.

Screenshot 2023 05 09 at 5 37 00 PM
Teens Program
Secondary / IB / JC Art
(Aged 13-17)

Our Secondary Art program aims to provide a comprehensive training that complements the art curriculum in school. Caters to students with different learning objectives and background. Acquiring students with the understanding of art-making processes to eventually strive towards independence and ability to create art in their own interest.

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Teens / Adult Program
Adult Art
(Aged 18+)

Our adult art classes are designed for beginners, individuals who have acquired some background in painting & art practitioners who wish to take their skills and knowledge of art-making to the next level. You will be introduced to mediums of your interest – Oil Painting, Acrylic Painting, Watercolour, Charcoal, Pencil Drawing.

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Primary / Teens Program
Digital Art
(Aged 8-16)

Our Digital Art programme is a specialized course for students interested the digital realm. Digital Art for children no longer has a steep learning curve, as they are regularly exposed to technological devices in their everyday life, and thus can pick up new interfaces quickly. It can be seen applied in areas like illustration, animation and graphic design.

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Preschool / Primary Program
Clay Art
(Aged 4-12)

Through our Clay program, students focuses on understanding 3D modeling with different materials and learn the many methods of clay techniques such as slabs, moulding, coiling, etc. To create a series of thematic clay pieces. They will learn to translate their 2D drawings into 3D sculptures.

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Our Centres

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Operating Hours :
1pm-9pm (Mon-Fri)
9am-7pm (Sat -Sun)

Closed on Tuesdays
& gazetted public holiday


“At Artgrain, we believe in providing quality art education for all students to gain mastery in art making, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists & art lovers.

-Artgrain Team
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Teachers in Art Grain are knowledgeable and passionate. Students are given opportunities to learn different mediums such as drawing, paintings, digital art etc. Teachers are always there to provide guidance and encouragement to do better. I enjoy the years in Art Grain especially with classmates who share same interest as me.



I’ve been with Artgrain for many years already. I find their lessons helpful, especially for portfolio preparation as they are very knowledgeable in what is required. the teachers also help me to gain more insight on the art scene and how i can proceed and improve in my art journey 😙✌🏻

Screenshot 2023 04 19 at 4 09 43 AM

emily tan, parent

Artgrain has a strong direction in their teaching and lesson planning. They have guided my daughter very well to developing her artistic skills. She is thriving wonderfully and looks forward to her lessons every week!

Screenshot 2023 08 21 at 1 19 26 PM


I've been a student here since 2017, Artgrain helped to build my fundamentals and improve my skills in art. the teachers are helpful and very knowledgeable, along with their lessons such as the portfolio preparatory course which equips students with valuable skills in art. Highly encourage you to join this place if you're interested in art or want somewhere to improve your skills.

Screenshot 2023 04 19 at 8 58 27 PM

Evelyn chye, holiday workshop

"Signed up an Art Camp for my girls. The girls loved the art sessions. Even though the teachers everyday are different, it does not affect the experience. "

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