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What art class is about?

“At Artgrain, we believe in providing quality art education for all students to gain mastery in art making, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists & art lovers.”

We passionately believe asethetic experiences and enjoyment of the arts is an integral part of a rich and fulfilling life. Our mission is to cultivate this sensitivity and the ability to create art and to enjoy art to all children and adults.

An art education is essential and necessary as the process in art is unique and enlarges the capacity of each individual very differently from other discipline.

Learning through ‘Seeing’
At Art Grain, we recognised the uniqueness in each child and the worldview that they have. We cherish their ideas and thoughts.  Our art educators will guide the child to complete each task and to challenge them to try new things.

We believe in demonstrating the skills of art-making to our students so that they can truly grasp the learning process. Developing the keenness and ability to observe and to visually articulate these observations is also one of our emphases in the learning of art.

Our module is designed so that learning art is enjoyable and accessible to all; we adopt a smaller teacher-to-students ratio in order to meet the needs of every child.

class sample

This programme allows the child to explore creation using paints and oil pastels and intuitively discover through the lesson how each mark they have made will turn out. It enables the child to discover the many possibilities one can do, while our step-by-step teaching process will guide one to final artwork.

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This program encourages children to be more conscious of the world we live in, as well as creating meaning and stories out of their artwork.

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Foundational lessons act as early building blocks that collectively enhance the child’s artistic ability. We encourage each child to try new and alternative ways of experimenting with their ideas. Our art programme focuses on drawing and painting, as well as mixed media and 3-dimensional work component.


Students will also explore alternative styles in painting and influence from various art movements such as surrealism, expressionism and modern art. This programme aims to develop their illustration skills, understanding art as a narrative and exploring geometric expressions in art.


Explore, experiment, and grow! A weekly class at Artgrain for Pre-School and Primary School artists, where we explore different fun mediums and techniques with impasto, markers, colour pencil, watercolour and paint. We focus on the creative process and art movements.

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Our Portfolio Preparatory Classes welcome students who intend to apply to local art schools, Art Elective Programmes in government schools and art institutions abroad. In this course, our teacher will focus on guiding you in creating works that show substantial degree of quality, and in the process build up your understanding of the mediums and processes, teaching you how to consolidate ideas & present your work.

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Whether you are looking to take art as an interest or as a GCE ‘O’ Level Art subject, our Secondary Art Programme caters to all students aged 13 to 16 with different learning objectives and background.

6 Clay rabbit inspired by Kohei Nawa

Equip students to understand 3D form through drawings and building.

IMG 0260

The program will introduce students to drawing ‘s basics and drawing for expression with different of mediums. Students will be able to visualise personal ideas and imagination using the skills and techniques acquired.

Digital Drawing Class 724x1024

The program will introduce students to draw on digital platform with wacom tablet and Photoshop. Creating visual / presentation board digitally. Sensitive to 2D line drawing and digital painting.



“Through the Adult weekly painting class, I discovered a skill that I didn’t know I have and a great sense of fulfillment knowing that I get better and better as I paint.  The weekly adult class allows me to explore different painting methods, use a different medium and paint things that are meaningful to me; a way to record my experiences, life, and things that I like.  Sometimes it is also creating non-commercial significant gifts for friends or family members.

I enjoyed the weekly class so much that I have been attending it for 6 years and still going. Love to meet great people who love to paint. My classmates have become my personal friends, we learn together, share painting experiences, tips and ideas and we even share family jokes, cooking recipes… almost anything we can think of.”

Ker, Adult Art

“It has been awesome! I really loved this class, because, through this class,  it has given me many benefits! This class has taught me many skills and helped me create many works for my portfolio. I have also made many good friends through the class, which is a huge bonus for me! The teachers are also very nice and helpful.”

Nikita, 12 years old

“I like coming to class because I spend all my time doing  and learning about art. In school, we only get to do art sometimes and only when we are well-behaved. Here, me and my sister get to learn more art styles than in school and we have the freedom to express our creativity.”

Ethel Chong, 6 years old

“I draw a lot at home and mummy thinks I should come for art class to improve my drawing and painting.  I love coming to Artgrain because I get to do art with my classmates who are also my friends.”

Evan Hsu, 5 years old

“My oldest child, Charlotte, has been with Artgrain since its inception in 2010 and my younger child, Olivia joined her sister soon after when she turned 3 years old. As a parent, I saw my children make leaps and bounds in their ability to draw and paint. They have developed self-confidence and a strong foundation and continue to impress me with the techniques they showcase in their own artworks at home. My children enjoy art classes here as the teachers are patient and helpful. They also look forward to  the company of other like-minded children. As they continue to develop their talent and armed with the skills they have learnt, I hope to see them bloom as individual artists with their own defined style.”

Mrs Chia