Sketching Classes (For Children Age 5 to 12)

Sketching Classes are now open for registration.

The program will introduce students to drawing ‘s basics and drawing for expression with different of mediums. Students will be able to visualise personal ideas and imagination using the skills and techniques acquired.

Range of dry mediums
1. pencil
2. colour pencil
3. charcoal
4. pen
5. crayon
6. pastel

Range of wet medium
1. ink
2. watercolour
3. poster paint


To register, you may fill up the registration form and terms/condition form and book your time slot with payment down at our studio during our opening hours (Thomson / Bukit Timah).


A1 - Sketching

IMG_1754 IMG_3406 IMG_3134 Photo 20-3-16, 5 17 41 PM Photo 29-4-16, 5 42 48 PM