Seedling Art (For Toddlers Age 2.5 to 4)

Our Seedling Art Programme

is specially tailored to fine-tune their gross and finer motor skills which are essential in their making of art (Art-making as a “Discovery” process). Any act of creation brings a sense of awe and wonder to each child.

This programme allows the child to explore creation using paints and oil pastels and intuitively discover through the lessons how each mark they have made will turn out. It enables the child to discover the many possibilities one can do, while our step-by-step teaching process will guide one to a final artwork.

As they are growing, art can be introduce as a visual tool to help them identify things around them and help them make sense of the world. Shapes, colours, lines & marks to feel up designated spaces, gradually teaches them to control their hand, grip and direction, recognises colours and relating them to the appropriate objects around them visually and verbally, basic colour-mixing, familiarise certain rules of art-making and to ultimately grasp a regular way of creating art.


All our classes including our preschool classes are drop off class, non-accompanied by parents.

Most of our classes are mixed age groups classes, children are given personal guidance with their learning.


Duration per lesson: 1 hour 15 minutes

+ one-time registration fee of $25
+ $100 deposit which will be returned upon withdrawal only when a 3-week advance notice is given.

+ $50 yearly material fees

Trial lesson: $35 (1 hour 15 minuters)