Teen Holiday Workshops

June Holiday is coming! Why sign up for art holiday workshops? Art is not for the artistically inclined only, our art workshops welcome beginners and experienced art students alike. With close guidance from our teachers, even newbies will find themselves learning artistic techniques, medium manipulation, and expressing themselves creatively. Our workshops are structured but allow…

Digital Drawing Class

Digital Drawing Classes (For Children Age 7 to 16)

Digital Drawing Classes are now open for registration.

To register, you may fill up the registration form and terms/condition form and book your time slot with payment down at our studio during our opening hours (Thomson / Bukit Timah / Parkway).


Digital Drawing Class
Digital Drawing Class

Sketching Class

Sketching Classes (For Children Age 5 to 12) Sketching Classes are now open for registration. The program will introduce students to drawing ‘s basics and drawing for expression with different of mediums. Students will be able to visualise personal ideas and imagination using the skills and techniques acquired. Range of dry mediums 1. pencil 2. colour pencil 3.…

Headstart Art

Headstart Art (For Children Age 5 to 6) Our Headstart Art Programme Our Headstart Art Program (for 5 – 6yo) acts as a bridge between Seedling & Foundational Art, which is composed of thematic lessons through the understanding of Design Principles. This program encourages children to be more conscious of the world we live in, as well…

Adult Art

Our adult art classes are designed for beginners, individuals who have acquired some background in painting & art practitioners who wish to take their skills and knowledge of art-making to the next level.