Art Competitions

Art competitions are an enriching and invaluable experience for our young artists. These competitions teach our students:

    • to prepare and to work towards a competition art piece
    • to hone their skills both in drawing and painting as they will be practising before competitions and on-the-spot within a timeframe
    • to provide the invaluable experience of working and seeing many other artists at work
    • to encourage to see art not merely as an exercise but a chance to take art to another level


Artgrain will continue to encourage all students to participate in the upcoming competition.


The 26th Annual World Children’s Picture Contest

For age: 6 – 15

Deadline: 28 September 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 1 August 2018)

For more information: Visit their website

Cost: $50

Kao International Environment Painting Contest for Children

For age: 6 – 15

Deadline: 10 September 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 1 August 2018)

For more information: Visit their website

Cost: $50

Young Illustrator Awards

For all Primary and Secondary students

Deadline: 9 September 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 1 August 2018)

For more information:

Cost: $20


Colours of the Bible 2018

For all ages

Theme: Miracles

Deadline: 25 June 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 20 May)

For more information:

Cost: $20

Peace Pals International Art Exhibition and Awards Living Peace 2018

For age 5 – 16

Theme: Peace

Deadline: 30 June 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 30 May)

For more information: Visit their website

Cost: $20

Bow Seat – Ocean Awareness Student Contest 2018

For age 11 – 18

Theme: Ocean Awareness

Deadline: 18 June 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 1 April 2018)

For more information:
Cost: Nil

All 2018 Contest results will be announced in January 2019.

Look and Learn Art Competition
For age 3 – 18
My mother
Ancient Rome
Kids fashion 2020
Box of chocolates
Transportation of the future
Deadline: 23 October 2017 – 21 May 2018 (Register @ Artgrain by 1 October)
For more information:
Cost: Nil
Winners will be notified within fourteen days of the closing date on the website.




We would like to present our Artgrain’s winners in the Kostal Competition 2015 / 2016:


We would like to present our Artgrain’s winners in the recent Workplace Safety Poster Design Competition 2014!

Also not forgetting all other participants for their highly commendable works!


Artwork by
Umer Ashraf, 11 years old

Artwork by
John-Paul Wee, 9 years old

We are delighted to share with you our secondary art students ‘ good performance at this year’s art stage student art competition, these students’ artwork ( see below attached)

  1. Brandon Ang
  2. Vanessa Lim Zhi Yi
  3. Beatrice Ng
  4. Adam Yoon Hao Dong
  5. Yan Naing

are shortlisted in the Top 30 artworks  at   Art Stage Student Art Competition 2014 and their artworks are being exhibited at the United World College Southeast Asia from 11 December – 9 January. Their hard work, dedication and passion  is highly commendable and we are so proud of each of them.

Brandong Ang – Inspired City Life (Oil Canvas)

Beatrice Ng – Grandma’s (Watercolour on paper)

Vanessa Lim Zhi Yi – Thoughts on a rainy day (Oil on Canvas)

Adam Yoon Hao Dong- Act of reminiscene (Watercolour on paper)

Yan Naing – Merlion under my blanket (Oil on canvas)